Urban Planning Scholarship Opportunities For International Students

Mary Joseph February 19, 2024
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Urban planning scholarship


Urban Planning, also known as Town Planning, encompasses the creation of blueprints for and the oversight and organization of urban areas, towns, cities, and metropolitan regions using thorough scientific methodologies supported by comprehensive research and analysis.

It involves addressing urban challenges, defining planning goals, establishing development frameworks, employing various techniques, and considering all relevant components. Additionally, the field covers the study of pertinent planning laws and regulations.

If you are a student interested in pursuing scholarships for a PhD, Masters, or undergraduate program in Urban Planning, whether fully funded or partially funded, let’s delve into available Urban Planning scholarships, including eligibility criteria, the application process, and more!

What Does Urban Planning Entail?

Urban planning, sometimes referred to as regional planning, revolves around the organization and enhancement of land utilization and the constructed surroundings, encompassing elements such as air quality, water systems, and infrastructure within urban regions. It also involves managing transportation, communication, and distribution systems, ensuring their efficiency and accessibility.

Urban Planning Scholarship Opportunities For International Students

The Fulbright International Student Scholarship

The Fullbright scholarship in the United States aims to assist international students, artists and young professionals in their academic pursuit in the United States. With operations spanning over 160 countries, the program awards scholarships to nearly 4000 foreign students annually, encompassing PhD and Masters programs across all disciplines offered at US universities. The application deadline for this annual scholarship falls between February and October. Benefits of the scholarship include coverage of tuition fees, airfare, stipends, health insurance, and more.

The British Council IELTS 2024 Scholarship

The British Council IELTS Award seeks to support talented individuals in advancing their careers and showcasing their abilities to make meaningful contributions to society through their expertise. Applications for the scholarship must be submitted by 30 June 2023, and candidates must be at least 18 years old. The value of the award ranges from £3,000 (INR 2.81 lakhs) to £10,000 (INR 9.36 lakhs), depending on the tuition fees of the chosen institution.

Scholarships Offered By The Holland Government

The Holland Government Scholarship is designed for non-European Economic Area (EEA) international students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the Netherlands. It is exclusively available to non-EEA students, and applicants should not have previously obtained educational qualifications from a Dutch institution.

Benefits of the scholarship include a one-time grant of GBP 5,000 (equivalent to approximately INR 4.68 lakh), awarded for the first year of study.

The ENIC Kazakhstan

The Kazakhstan Government offers scholarships for foreign students, as well as Kazakh nationals who aren’t citizens of Kazakhstan. These scholarships cover full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. The available slots for each program are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree program: 490 slots
  • Master’s degree program: 50 slots
  • PhD program: 10 slots

Applicants can apply online from June 7th to July 20th. The application form is accessible in Kazakh, English, and Russian languages.

Scholarship Initiative By Japan And The World Bank

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program welcomes applicants from developing nations who possess pertinent work experience and a track record of contributing to their countries’ developmental initiatives. Eligible candidates must be seeking admission to a master’s program focusing on development-related subjects.

Scholarships For International Students Provided By Turkey

Türkiye Scholarships, funded by the Turkish government, offer fully covered educational opportunities. Competition is fierce, with only outstanding individuals chosen for short or long-term studies at Turkish universities. Eligible applicants can pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees. Applications for these degrees are accepted from January 10 to February 20, 2024. The scholarship covers tuition fees, health insurance, accommodation, a year of Turkish Language Course, and a return flight ticket.

The Orange Knowledge Scholarship

The Orange Knowledge Programme in the Netherlands aims to attract international students by providing funding for Masters-level Short Training programs across various disciplines offered at Dutch universities. The scholarship application deadline varies. The program’s goal is to foster the development of a sustainable and inclusive society.

The JADS Scholarship Program:

Individuals from AfDB member nations with pertinent professional experience and a track record of contributing to their countries are qualified to seek admission to the JADS Program. This scholarship initiative caters to various fields such as Energy, Agriculture, Health, and Engineering, excluding other postgraduate degree programs from eligibility.

The scholarship package encompasses tuition coverage, a monthly living stipend, round-trip airfare, health insurance, and a travel allowance.

Scholarships Offered By The New Zealand Aid Programme

The New Zealand Aid Programme Scholarships are open to international students from Commonwealth nations across various regions. These scholarships cater to undergraduate, PhD, bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate programs in diverse fields.

Scholarship perks include full coverage of tuition fees, a weekly living stipend of NZ$491 (approximately INR 23,000), an establishment grant of NZ$3000 (about INR 1.40 lakhs), medical insurance while in New Zealand, roundtrip travel expenses between your home country and New Zealand at the beginning and end of your scholarship, travel insurance, funding for one or two trips back home during your scholarship depending on its duration, and assistance with research and thesis expenses for numerous postgraduate scholars.

Scholarships Offered By The Friedrich Ebert Foundation

German and international students have the chance to seek admission to various universities and technical institutions across Germany, regardless of their level of study – be it Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD programs. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung fellowship presents promising prospects for individuals keen on enhancing their professional and educational journey. The foundation seeks individuals with a fervent commitment to realizing social and political objectives.

Regarding the benefits, the foundation aids in covering expenses related to overseas stays, including travel, tuition fees, and international health insurance. Additionally, it supports research endeavors, language training, and internships lasting up to a year.

The Japanese MEXT Scholarship

Highly qualified individuals accepted to GRIPS can apply for full scholarships, which are awarded based on merit and are limited in number. Eligible candidates must be international students recommended by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General, a university, or a government agency in Japan.

The scholarship provides a monthly stipend of 242,000 yen per month (INR 1.34 lacs) to cover living expenses such as food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, medical treatment, insurance, and other miscellaneous study-related costs at GRIPS.

This amount is fixed, and the scholarship also covers the university application fee, admission fee, and tuition. Additionally, scholars will receive economy-class airfare from their home country to Japan upon enrollment at GRIPS, and from Japan to their home country upon completion of their studies. Please note that the stipend amount is based on FY 2019 rates and is subject to change.

Scholarship By Hubert Humphrey

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program is a program that doesn’t offer a degree but instead provides academic education and professional experience in the United States over a period of 10 months, and it’s widely recognized for its focus on urban planning.

The benefits of this scholarship include covering tuition and other university fees, providing pre-academic English language training if needed, offering a living allowance along with a settling-in allowance, ensuring accident and sickness coverage, granting a book allowance, giving a one-time subsidy for a computer, covering international air travel to and from the U.S. for the program as well as domestic travel required for program events, and providing a professional development allowance for activities like field trips, professional visits, and conferences.

The Merit Scholars Scholarship

Merritt Community Capital is thrilled to unveil the 2024 Merritt Scholars application. This program, designed statewide, aims to nurture the upcoming wave of professionals in affordable housing finance and development. In 2023, two UCSD students joined the Merritt Scholars program and have praised its value.

The initiative features a $10,000 scholarship, mentorship opportunities, complimentary attendance to local and statewide industry events, and interaction with key figures in the field. Upon program completion, Merritt may aid scholars in securing employment within the affordable housing sector.

To qualify, students must either receive a recommendation from a professional in the industry (excluding professors) or simultaneously apply for an affordable housing internship.

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

Have one of the following:

  • A nomination from a professional in the affordable housing sector.
  • A written endorsement from a professor at Cal Poly or within the Cal State system.
  • Applying to both the Bay Area Housing Internship and the Internship Program offered by the California Coalition for Rural Housing at the same time.
  • Express a keen interest in pursuing a career in affordable housing, focusing on development, finance, or policy.
  • Demonstrate commitment to affordable housing through coursework, volunteer work, employment, or other relevant activities.
  • Be enrolled in a four-year university in California as a Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or graduate student starting in Fall 2024.
  • Have plans to work in California after graduation.
  • Maintain nothing less than a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Merritt Scholars must reside in California for the entirety of the academic year, rather than solely attending a California school.


This focused on scholarships for urban planning. To secure admission into a top-tier international university for your desired program, mere good grades won’t suffice; you must also submit a flawless application due to intense competition.

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