How To Apply For USA Student Visa From Nigeria

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How To Apply For USA Student Visa From Nigeria

Before choosing to apply for this student Visa, let’s take some time to explain to you what the USA student visa is all about. The USA student visa is a type of non-immigrant visa meant for individuals whose intentions is to study in any of the American institutes. Two types of USA student visa exits and these are:

  • F-1 visa: this visa is meant for those who plan to attend high school, universities, seminary, conservatory, private elementary school, language training program or any other academic institution.
  • M-1 visa: this visa is for those who plan to learn a trade, skill, or vacation for careers in a non-academic institution. You must clearly understand the difference between these two visas before proceeding to the next step.

Without the right documents, travel history, sufficient funds, convincing interview answers and an acceptable letter into a good ranking college or university, USA student visa application becomes very difficult and eventually not granted despite how much fund and time you might have wasted. That is what we are really here to guide against. Follow all the requirements and instructions on this post promptly to guarantee you a genuine U.S.A student visa within an appropriate time frame. Read the following requirement below and ensure all that is required are given as original and not fake.

Basic requirements for USA student visa application

  1. Valid International passport for travel to the United States with at least six months validity beyond your intended stay duration
  2. dully signed DS-160 form; this form includes your personal details, purpose of travel and confirmation number
  3. Your recent color passport photograph on white background having 5cm X 5cm size
  4. Visa application fee payment receipt
  5. Duly signed SEVIS form 1-20 by intended school officer. SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) is an internet based system that tracks visa applicants and their family members in the USA
  6. Certificate of eligibility
  7. Your academic documents like transcript, diplomas, degrees, or any other certificate you acquired from your school
  8. Financial report from your bank to access your capabilities in paying all that are needed for during your stay in the US.
  9. Proof of you to return back to Nigeria after your study period
  10. An interview appointment letter

After getting the necessary documents, you can then proceed for the USA visa application process as shown below in step by step approaches.

  • Pay for your US Student visa application visa at any GT bank or through GT online platform. Get the teller of payment and ensure that it contains confirmation number. The receipt will be needed when scheduling your visa appointment.
  • Complete your DS-160 application form online and print out the confirmation page and receipt number of the form. The confirmation page will be required on the day of your interview
  • Use the receipt number from the visa fee receipt you paid to register for CGI visa appointment online via . you may also call their call center on 01-440-6218
  • You will be sent of a 221(g) letter from the embassy or Consulate if extra documentation or passport is required from you. The requested documents should be sent to the VFS document collection office which will help you deliver it to the embassy all for free.
  • You will receive a letter confirming that you have been booked for an interview appointment through the CG1 appointment system.
  • When you attend the interview at the embassy or consulate office, the consular officer will determine if your credentials and purpose of traveling suit your visa type. if you pass the interview, then your visa will be approved.
  • The VFS document collection office will hold your passport for pickup at your specified address once your visa is approved. Note that no extra charges are required for this service.
  • After issuing the visa, you may be required to pay extra visa issuance reciprocity fee.
  • If your visa application was not approved after your interview with the consular officer, you may have to try again in later days.

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