Victoria Principal Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Victoria Principal Net Worth

Victoria Principal is the name of the popular American actress, businesswoman, and best-selling author, who is most recognized for her role in the television series Dallas, a show she was part of for a whole 9 years long. She is also a business person, skincare specialist, film producer and philanthropist.

Victoria Principal’s acting career has spanned more than thirty years, enabling her to have featured in a good number of television series and movies. She has appeared in a number of feature films like Earthquake and The Naked Ape as well.

Over the years, she has also evolved into a successful producer, businesswoman and skin care specialist, with her own skin care line called Principal Secret. Her company is very acclaimed and is appraised for producing several breakthrough skin care treatments.

Victoria Principal Net Worth

Victoria Principal is a successful actress, film producer and also a businesswoman who owned her own skin care line. She has acted a good number of movies commanding huge salaries for an actress of her status, all of which makes up her net worth which is currently estimated at $400 million. This figure does not to come as a surprise to anyone who truly pays attention to the details of her life and status.

Victoria first picked interest in natural beauty products in the mid-1980s. In 1989 she opened a skincare company called Principal Secret. Over the next 3 decade her company grew slowly turning into a mini-empire. Since it was launched, her product line has generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue and keeps on being extremely successful.

In April 2019, Victoria sold her company to Guthy Renker for an undisclosed amount, most likely in the $100-200 million range, at least, so aside film acting, you can see where the huge Victoria Principal net worth of $400 million came from.

How She Spends Her Money

The Japan-born actress spends her money comfortably in the ways that pleases her. She is a proud owner of a large real estate portfolio. In California alone, Victoria Principal owns homes in Big Sur, Malibu and Beverly Hills. She reportedly owns a home in Switzerland. Starting in 2012, she began to develop a ranch property near Los Angeles, California, where she operates an animal rescue.

Her wealth isn’t getting depleted by her luxurious lifestyle alone. She also enjoys living her life as an active and prolific philanthropist, dedicated to helping people. She has donated thousands to millions of her money to support different variety of charities around the world.

Victoria Principal Early Life

Victoria Principal (also known as Vicki Ree Principal) was born on January 3, 1950 in Fukuoka, Japan, where her father Victor Rocco Principal a United States Air Force sergeant was stationed. Due to her father’s career as an Air Force sergeant, her family moved frequently around several cities including Puerto Rico, London, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia and many other places.

As a result of this frequent movement, Victoria attended 17 different schools, including the Royal Ballet School when her family was stationed in England. At an early age of 5, she started to appear in television commercial and began her career in TV commercials.

Educational Background

Victoria Principal attended 17 different schools due to her family’s frequent relocation. She graduated from South Dade Senior Highschool in 1968 and then enrolled at Miami-Dade Community College with the intention to study medicine. Months before the completion of her first year she was badly injured in a car crash on her way home from the library. The driver of the other car involved in the accident was convicted of drunk driving and sentenced to jail time .

Victoria spent months recovering and was faced with the possibility of having to take her college first year over again. After serious introspection, she drastically changed her mind and moved to New York with the aim of pursuing an acting career, and to Europe shortly afterwards. Victoria Principal engaged in private study with Jean Scott (a professor in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ) in London, and then moved to Los Angeles in 1971.

Victoria Principal Career

Victoria Principal is best known as an actress, especially for her famous nine-year role of Pamela Barnes Ewing in the television series Dallas, but it is also well known that book authoring, movie productions and other business ventures has immensely contributed to her successes. She first started with acting movies and television shows before deciding to switch her attention to other ventures.


When Victoria Principal moved to Hollywood in 1971, she had no money, no agent, no car, and no prior TV or movie -making experience asides the commercials she made in her younger years. She started to teach backgammon so as to support herself while looking out for opportunities. A few months later she was able to get a car, an agent, and had a little money.

She auditioned and won her first ever film role as Marie Elena in Paul Newman’s 1972 film The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe award as the Most Promising Newcomer.

Based on her work in the first film she acted, her name began to spread and her fame as a promising actress led to her subsequent appearance in The Naked Ape (1973) and appeared unclothed in the September 1973 edition of Playboy to promote the movie. She was disappointed by the failure of the movie. The following year, she was cast in the disaster film Earthquake.

Victoria won the role when she turned up for the 3rd audition having cut off her waist-long brown hair, put it into an Afro and dyed it black. The producer was impressed and stunned by the actress’ risky transformation to look more likely like the character “Rosa”.

Victoria Principal continued to act in lesser-known movies such as Vigilante Force, I Will, and I Will … for Now. She signed a deal of three-picture with Brute Productions. However she stopped acting and became an agent from 1975 to late 1977.

In 1977 she received an offer from Aaron Spelling to star in the pilot of his TV series, Fantasy Island which she accepted. A year later she got her most famous role of Pamela Barnes Ewing in Dallas, the evening soap opera television series. In 1983 she was nominated for a Golden Globe award as Best Actress in a TV Series for her role in Dallas. 

In 1987, Victoria Principal left the series after playing her role for nine years and went ahead to star in several made-for-television movies, a few of which she co -produced.

In 1994 she appeared in one episode of the hit sitcom Home Improvement. She returned to prime-time soap operas in 2000 when she took a role in another production of Aaron Spelling, the short-lived NBC television series Titans.


After she left the Dallas in 1987, Victoria began her own production company which she called Victoria Principal Productions. Her company focused on producing mostly movies for television until when she became interested in beauty therapies, and went on to create a self-named skin care products line, Principal Secret in 1989.

Her business which was reported to have generated more than $1.5 billion dollars in revenue was sold of by the actress herself in April 2019 for an undisclosed amount, suspected to be most likely within the region of  $100-200 million at least.

Awards & Achievements

In over thirty years of her professional career, Victoria Principal is proud to have earned fame, nominations, honors and awards as a symbol of remarkable achievements in the film industry and also as a business woman. Her achievements include

  • An honorary Law degree (from The University of West Los Angeles) — 1993
  • Named Entertainment Business Woman of the Year (by National Association of Women Business Owners) — 1995
  • An honorary degree (from Drexel University’s Business School) — 2004
  • Genii Lifetime Achievement Award (for women in TV) — 1999

Personal Life, Relationships, Marriage & Children

While Victoria Principal has no record of having had any children, she is known to have been married and divorced twice.

Her first husband was Christopher Skinner who she met in 1978 when he played a little role on Dallas. They got married soon after they met, and divorced just two years later.

In 1981 she confirmed her relationship status with teen idol Andy Gibb, and the following year, Victoria gave her boyfriend an ultimatum: “Choose me or choose drugs.” Their romance ended in 1982.

In 1985, Victoria Principal got married for the second time. She married Dr. Harry Glassman who was a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. After 20 years, things went completely sour for the couple and they divorced in December 2006.

It has never been reported that her fortune was affected by any of these divorces in terms of court rulings or settlements.


We have outlined Victoria Principal net worth , biography, occupation, career, and every other available existing aspect of her life in this post and you have known more about one of the wealthiest actresses of our time, who is currently sitting on a massive net worth of $400 million, earned not just from acting films, but also from her businesses as well.

Apart from acting and producing films, Victoria Principal is also an author of four bestselling healthcare books. Her four books, The Body Principal-the Exercise Program for Life (1983), The Beauty Principal (1984), The Diet Principal (1987), and Living Principal: Looking and Feeling Your Best at Every Age (2001), were all best-selling books, focused on developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Victoria Principal has been a force to contend with since her debut on the open scene thirty years ago and till this very day, the successful, talented and strong-willed achiever looks to still have more than enough in store for both her critics and fans alike.

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