Wade Cota Net Worth, Age, Biography and Career

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Wade Cota Net Worth
Wade Cota Net Worth

This is an article about Wade Cota’s biography. We have made available on this page, most of the most sought-after details regarding Wade Cota’s biography, age, family, career highlights, and more important information that will interest you.

Wade Cota Early Life

Wade Cota is a talented and promising American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist that was born in Phoenix Arizona on the 26th of August, 1991. He is a vocalist and guitarist – the frontman – for the American band, Sugar Water. He is particularly famous for being one of the contestants of the seventeenth season of the famous American talent show, American Idol.

Wade Cota as a contestant on season 17 of the American talent show, American Idol, quickly became the favorite contestant of a section of the fans of the show. Wade earned the compassion and respect of the viewers of the show when he explained that he loved singing and writing songs, and the feeling grew from learning on ways to cope with a troublesome childhood.

He stepped into the limelight when he had the chance to compete on American Idol with rivals which included Madison Vandenburg, Alejandro Aranda, Laine Hardy, and Laci Kaye, but his raspy voice which made him stand out from the others wasn’t enough for him to be crowned champion.

Wade Cota grew up in squalor with his two sisters and mother. He had his first guitar when he picked one while browsing a dumpster. He couldn’t afford to pay for professional guitar or vocal lessons so he had to practice on his own in the ways that he could. He spent almost 10 years performing heavy metal music before he started working as a solo artist and subsequently joined the group Sugar Water.

Wade attended Moon Valley High School in his birth town Phoenix, Arizona, and went on to attend Glendale Community College.

Wade Cota Career

Before his fame and rise to stardom, Wade Cota attempted two different talent show auditions but only made it into one of the shows.

In 2010, he auditioned for The Voice and got to the judges, but before he could audition, the slots were filled up. He also disclosed during an interview with Billboard, that in 2010 he previously had an audition after he graduated from high school, with American Idol, but unfortunately, he did not make it.

However, he recorded success when he finally got the chance to contest the talent show on his second attempt in 2019.

Sugar Water Band

Wade Cota, a 28-year-old singer, and songwriter is the frontman and lead singer of Sugar Water band. He is also a rhythm guitarist for Sugar Water. Other members of the band include Juju Stone on bass, Noah Draughon on lead guitar, and Austin Moore on the drums. The band according to its Facebook page claims to be the best band in the world.

Wade Cota formed his first band when he was just 12 years old and has been writing songs and doing theater performances since then. He spent almost 12 years doing metal music which was influenced due to his mother being the manager of a metal music group.

Wade Cota’s unique raspy voice can be easily recognized when he is singing with the band Sugar Water. He has been accused of faking his voice by some listeners, while another section of music critics suggest that he has altered his voice so as to sound in which he does.

Wade Cota Family

Wade Cota is the last of three children. He grew up with his single mother and two sisters knowing abject poverty. He often cites his mother as a role model and hails how she independently raised him and his sisters being single mothers. As a successful singer and actor, he plans to pay back his mother for everything she has done for him.

Wade further explains that his biological father was an abusive man, ‘the real devil’. According to the talented star, his abusive father suspected that his mother planned to run away with the children, and would always be a block in the way of her plan.

After many years of planning their escape, Wade’s mother told her husband that it was time for the kid’s checkup and they had to see the doctor. She even asked him to accompany them, so as to avoid any suspicion. Fortunately for her, he declined. That was the last time Wade Cota saw his biological father.

Wade Cota Relationship

Wade is in a romantic relationship with longtime girlfriend Jasmine Mary Jane, simply known as Jasmine Mingus.

The pair have been together for quite some time now after they met while attending Moon Valley High School in Arizona.

Wade Cota Net Worth

Wade Cota is an American actor and rock singer. His income is known to flow in through his rock music and also, through his acting roles. Wade Cota net worth is estimated to be $2 Million.

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