What Is Mass Communication, Types and Method Of Study

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What Is Mass Communication
What Is Mass Communication

Hello there, if you actually meant to search for what is mass communication, this article is for you then.

Mass communication is the process of disseminating and exchanging information through mass media on all platforms to large population segments.

In this article, we are going to explain to you in details what mass communication is, furthermore, we would explain to you some other relating terms, with a few other pieces of information to ensure, you’re adequately satisfied.

It is understood as relating to various forms of media, as its technologies are used for the dissemination of information, of which journalism and advertising are part.

Mass Communication

Mass communication is the process of disseminating and exchanging information through mass media on all platforms to large population segments. Talking about mass media, journalism and advertising, and the technologies used for the dissemination of information are usually not left out.

Mass communication is quite different from every other type of communication, like interpersonal communication and organizational communication.

If not for any other reason, Mass communication focuses on specific resources transmitting information to a large number of receivers or audience across a particular area or region.

Studying mass communication entails studying how the content of mass communication persuades, impacts or otherwise affects the behavior, attitude, opinion, or even the emotion of the receivers of the information.

It is not wrong to say that mass communication is the transmission of information to numerous recipients at the same time, but it is more complete in the sense to say that mass communication is the process of extensive circulation of information within specific regions and also across the globe.

By implication, through mass communication, information can be transmitted speedily and conveniently to a large number of people staying far away from the sources of information.

Mass communication can be carried out through several channels referred to as media, like the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, books, socials media, billboards, films, and even the Internet.

The history of communication generally is traceable to prehistoric forms of art and writing through modern communication methods like the Internet.

The inception of mass communication was when humans could transmit messages from a single source to numerous receivers.

Mass Communication As a field Of Study

In several institutions of learning, mass communication is usually under the faculty of arts and humanities, and in social science, mass communication is a sub-field of communication studies.

In countries like the United States of America, studying mass communication is more often associated with the practical applications of journalismtelevision and radio broadcasting, filmpublic relations, and advertising.

The diversification of media forms has added an extension to mass communication to include new media and social media, with some stronger feedback models than traditional media sources.

Types Of Mass Communication

The types of mass communication are the following:


In relation to mass communication, advertising entails marketing a product or service usually in a persuasive manner to encourage the targeted audience to purchase a product or make use of a service.

Advertising a product or service is usually carried out through some form of mass media, like television, carefully studying the effects and methods of advertising is essential to the study of mass communication.

Advertising is comprised of the use of paid, earned or owned media. Paid media is done directly through advertising and a series of business sponsorship campaigns.

Earned media is carried out through verbal and social media posts or ads, and owned media are brand websites and other owned contents by the businesses producing the various products.


Journalism refers to the production and distribution of reports on events for presentation through the media, and its study is comprised of analyzing the spreading of information to the public through media outlets like the newspapers, news channels, radio stations, and television stations.

Public Relations

Public relations in relation to mass communication is the strategic communication process of making information available to the public to ensure the prevention of a specific view of a product, association or organization.

Public relations is in a way different from advertising in that it is aimed at making available a more comprehensive opinion to a large audience in  to shape their public opinion.

Social Media

In a modern and digital world as this, social media, relations to mass communication are those platforms through which both mobile devices and home computers allow users to interact or communicate using words, images, sounds, and video.

Social media  include most notable sites, like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook as well as sites that can aid in business networking such as LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Upwork and others.

Audio Media; Recorded Music

Recordings began in the 1870s, and became the first non-print form of mass communication. This very media is used for spreading music to am wide range of audience not minding the distance.

In the present day, recorded music is made available on several platforms, like Apple Music, Youtube Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and many others, and can be downloaded directly from those platforms.


The radio is the most widely accessible mass communication platform in the world and the most used medium of communications even in the United States.

As a result of how digital the world has become, internet radio has now become even more popular and widely used having that radio stations are streaming content via their official websites and other applications.

Advertisements are carried out on the radio, mostly through podcasts ( an audio file that is recorded and digitally uploaded to an online platform in order to be downloaded and listened to by the general public).


Convergence in relation to mass communication is the coming together of telecommunications as forms of mass communication in a digital media environment.

Integrated Communication

Integrated Communication entails bringing together various types of mass communication to function across the media space. This type of communication unifies all mass communication elements, like social media, public relations, advertising and others.

Film and Television

The film and television play a major role when it comes to mass communication, this two platforms often work had-in-hand.

Visual entertainment and shows such as reality shows or live competitions are channeled to the public or receivers through these platforms.


Photography right from inception became a major part of mass communication and technology through demonstration of  facts and reinforcing ideas.photographs are re digital and can be altered , however, it is still considered a means of communication and information.

Photography as a type of communication records great historic events, documents sociological and journalistic researches and dynamically influences the mobilization of public opinion to effect social and legislative reforms.

Interactive Media; Video games

 The genres of video game are a classification assigned to a video game considering its game play, rather than a visual or storytelling differences.

A video game genre is ascertained by a set of game play challenges and are classified independently of when and where the game takes place.


Through e-books , people are able to download books directly into their mobile devices and private computers, and allows consumers to track what they read, to annotate, and to search for meaning of words on the internet.

Having e-books as part of the present day’s education aid, the increased demand for mobile access to course materials and e-books for students matches with the risen number of smartphones.

 E- readers like the Amazon Kindle have advanced through the years, and since its launch in 2007, the Kindle has extended its memory capacity from 4 GB to 8 GB, and  has added accessories such as games, movies, and music.

The Impact Of Mass Communications On Public Health  

Mass communication is very essential for the improving the creation of  awareness and education relating to public health issues.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, mass communication played a very crucial role in educating the general public about precautionary measures needed to combat the spread of virus.

The impact of mass communication on public health also includes the establishment of effective public health programs on various platforms likes news stories, paid media, and social and digital media.

Method Of Study

Researchers on the field of mass communication study communication through verities of methods that have been tested, tried, and verified through repetitive and cumulative processes.

Over the years quantitative and qualitative methods have been used respectively by researchers in the study of mass communication.

The major focus of mass communication research is aimed at learning and putting to test how the content of mass communication affects the attitudes, opinions, emotions, and ultimately behaviors of the receivers of the message or information passed across.

Professional Organization

The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication is the major membership organization for academics in the field; mass communication, offering regional and national conferences and refereed publications.

The association is a non-profit, educational association for educators, scholars, and media pundits with annual conferences that focuses on education, research, and public services of different facets of journalism and mass communication.


Communication generally is an essential part of life, Humans need to understand or make their fellow humans understand what their feelings are , and that is where communication comes in.

Furthermore, mass communication is aimed at saving you the stress of having to go one after the other trying to pass a particular piece of information out. In mass communication if an information is passed across once, it covers a wide range of receivers or audience.

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