11 Best Places Where to Buy Items to Resell As a Vendor

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Where to Buy Items to Resell

Knowing the right places where to buy items to resell will significantly boast your earnings as a reseller. There are several places to buy and resell stuff, some of these places may not attract good business transactions and some may.

In this article, we will take a look at where to buy items to resell. This would include all the many places and/or websites where you can purchase some of the best products to resell at a fair price, which would then result in fair earnings when flipped or resold.

Before we begin to list out these places you can buy items to resell, do you really understand who a reseller is? Do you know what they do exactly? –  Let us first of take you through knowing who a reseller is.

Who Is A Reseller?

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A business person who purchases a product from a supplier and resells it to the consumer, either online or through conventional offline direct channels, is known as a reseller. This method of conducting business makes use of the opportunity to buy at a discount and then resell it for a profit at a higher price.

Reselling is the act of buying something with the goal of quickly selling it for a profit. The asset is not retained by the “flipper.”

Finding items to sell is neither difficult nor complicated. And by outlining the best locations to locate such products for resale, we have made it even simpler for you to get started on making some additional money by buying and reselling in this post. Let’s begin straight away.

Where to buy items to resell

Below are some of the best places and sites where you can buy or obtain items for resale

1. Thrift shops

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One of the places where to buy items to resell is the thrift shops. Thrift shops are one place to find the best products to sell. They typically stock a wide range of things in excellent to brand-new condition.

The majority of people who give items to thrift stores don’t worry about having their goods resold.

Furthermore, some of the given goods are high-end designer names.

Therefore, if you are prepared to search thoroughly, you might uncover products that you can resell for twice as much as you spent, if not more.

And the reason for that is the low prices at thrift shops.

2. Antique stores

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Antique stores are an excellent way to find old goods you can sell.

Antique shops are more well-organized and typically cost more than thrift stores.

As a result, searching for items takes far less time than it would at Goodwill or other secondhand shops.

Just keep in mind that spending money at antique shops is more expensive than spending money at Goodwill stores.

3. Garage sale

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You might want to check out yard sales or garage sales if they frequently occur in your neighborhood.

One of the areas to locate wonderful items that people no longer have room for in their houses is there.

And because the seller is eager to get rid of everything and get paid right away, yard sales are where you can get the cheapest products for reselling.

Furthermore, they have no intention of bringing anything home with them. You can bargain over prices and offer whatever the merchant would accept.

Search for the closest yard sale with your ears and eyes open.

4. Facebook Marketplace

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Another place where to buy items to resell is the Facebook Marketplace. The Facebook Marketplace resembles an online yard sale because it features items for sale by members of your neighborhood.

Additionally, Facebook Marketplace is a terrific place to find stuff for yard sales because the prices are generally pretty inexpensive.

To resell, you can locate fantastic products in respectable shape.

Additionally, you can join local Facebook groups for garage sales to receive notifications whenever a yard sale is happening.

5. eBay

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Purchasing goods to sell on eBay directly from eBay may seem absurd, but many other resellers have had success with it. You can be on the lookout for particular goods that you want to resell.

6. Orderchamp

Orderchamp | EU-Startups

A European wholesale marketplace called Orderchamp connects individual shops and brands. Low minimum order amounts are available, and free shipping is available with purchases of 250 euros or more.

Despite the fact that small boutiques and concept stores may simply obtain their whole inventory here, big retailers use the platform to browse for supplemental items. The top items for resale are also available there for purchase.

7. BigBuy

BigBuy Review: Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of this supplier - E-Commerce Nation

With more than 150,000 products, the Spanish drop shipping vendor BigBuy can ship everywhere in Europe. Sports, toys, fashion, technology, and home and garden are just a few of the product categories.

Drop shippers have the option to join BigBuy as a subscriber in addition to purchasing goods at wholesale costs per item to receive additional perks. You may quickly resell their products on marketplaces if you purchase their “Marketplace” bundle.



Several designer names, including several high-end European fashion labels, are available through the Italian distributor B2B GRIFFATI at reasonable wholesale costs.

This is an excellent spot to shop if you want to buy things that will sell well and make you money right away.

9. Amazon

Amazon Closes $8.5-Billion Deal To Acquire Hollywood Studio MGM -

Find out about the millions of items you may purchase to sell on Amazon for a profit. For example, Amazon is one of the main locations where you may buy products for resale, but bear in mind that the goal of reselling or flipping is to buy low and sell high, which means selling for a better value than you got it for.

Keep reading to find out more on where to buy items to resell

Alternative Ways to Get Goods Without Spending;

10. Your Home

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Your home is the first location you may look for items to sell. Look around for items that you no longer use frequently or possibly ever did.

Afterward, list them in your online store, set a price, and make a sale. Before you invest in inventory, use it to test the waters.

11. Friends’ and families’ homes

You can take and resell any gently worn items that your friends or family desire to get rid of.

The idea is to potentially obtain free goods to sell online and generate additional income from home.

The Benefits of Reselling Products

As evidenced by the growth of both small resale stores and online resellers, reselling has become a common career choice.

Here are some reasons as to why you would want to think about starting a reselling business:

  • Productive business procedure.
  • Quickly expanding
  • Manufacturer’s assistance
  • Flexibility


A lot vendors are looking for where to buy items to resell, because to preserve their cheap wholesale costs, many vendors on those platforms impose quantity minimums. This implies that you can purchase high-quality goods for less money than you would pay at a store.

You must purchase the goods once you have decided on the niche you wish to pursue. The resale business is a fantastic choice for new business owners or established companies wishing to diversify their vertical markets.

Additionally, I’ve highlighted a few places in this article where to buy items to resell along with additional ways to obtain goods to resell without capital.

Kindly pick from the list of places we have provided in this article the one that best suits your business.

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