4 Types Of Shoes Every Working Woman Should Own

admin May 18, 2018
Updated 2019/11/26 at 11:58 AM
Work shoes for women

In the world, we find ourselves today, there are a lot of professional young women, and the job can be very difficult. One more additional stress is the problem of owning a wardrobe that is comfortable and still exudes professionally. Your shoes are especially very important, they help keep your feet while giving a serious look to everyone you come in contact with, client and employee alike. This article discusses work shoes for women.

4 Types of Work Shoes For Women

Comfortable flats

As much as we love our heels, they can be quite a pain when you have to wear them for hours on end .Go for comfortable and durable flats which do not get scuffed when you wear them for hours. Pick the type of flat shoes you love so much and start slaying. In addition, a nice cream shoe with black toes is extra chic ensuring you retain the professional look.

Black heels

Black heels are good work shoes for women. A good pair of black heel shoes especially that pointy toe gives a professional look every day in the office.  The pointy toes gives off sex appeal while ensuring that you retain the seriousness and reliability to anyone you meet- client or customer. In addition, Pointy toes can make any dress look extra classy and stylish.

Work shoes for women

A nude heel

As good as black can be, it can sometimes give a boring look especially when used at every time. Try complimenting with nude heels occasionally.

Versatile sandals

From time to time, at the work place especially on causal days, come to work dressed in a nice versatile sandal to tone down your not so work out fit and still exude professionalism. Versatile sandals are good work shoes for women.

They are so tasteful they can transcend to casual as well as beautiful. You can invest in sandals of tan, black or metallic palette shoes.


Need to Know:

Open-toed shoes may be quite stylish but they are frowned upon at the work place. Given the added issue of these, uncomfortably invest in them only for occasions and not for work.



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