Top 10 World’s Most Read Books Of All Time

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World's Most Read Books
People sometimes wonder which is the world’s most read books and most times can’t find a concise response. There’s no one answer to that question since everyone has different reading tastes. But we’ve curated a list of some of the world’s most read books of all time, based on data from Goodreads.Whether you’re a longtime reader or just getting started, we hope you’ll find something new to add to your reading list.

Some Of The World’s Most Read Books

A book has the power to transform your life and immerse you in a different setting. There is a suitable book for everyone, whether you enjoy fiction or non-fiction.The books that have been known as the world’s most read books are listed below.

1. The Bible

The Bible is one of the world’s most read books. It’s no wonder why; with its powerful stories, inspiring teachings, and timeless wisdom, it has something to offer everyone.It is the most well-known and recognized book to have ever been released. The Bible is a comprehensive work that contains a wide range of sermons focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and God.It is the holy book consulted by Samaritans, Christians, Jews, Rastafarians, and adherents of other faiths. The Old Testament and the New Testament are separated. In the New Testament, Jesus continues to instruct people about the Christian faith after rising from the dead.

2. The Quran

Have you ever wondered which books are the most read in the world? According to a study by the University of Adelaide, it turns out that the Quran is the most read book on earth, with an estimated 1.5 billion copies in circulation.Interestingly, while the Bible is often cited as the most widely read book of all time, the University of Adelaide study found that it was only in ninth place, with an estimated 600 million copies in circulation.So why is the Quran so popular? Well, it’s hard to say for sure, but many believe that its wide appeal is due to its message of peace and compassion. Additionally, as it is considered to be the word of God, it offers readers a unique perspective on life and spirituality.

3. The Harry Potter Series: J.K. Rowling

Sales of the Harry Potter series reached 500 million in 2018 and have since increased further. These works are at the top of the list because they are the only novels on the list with well-known science fiction themes.Ironically, many publishing firms passed on this series, claiming that these made-up fairy tales replete with magic and witchcraft wouldn’t sell like hotcakes.Evidently, they were mistaken. In addition to selling millions of copies of its novels, the Harry Potter series has also spawned one of the most well-liked film franchises ever.

4. The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is another one of the world’s most read books. It is a religious text that tells the story of two groups of people who journey to the Americas. One group is led by a prophet named Mormon, and the other by his son, Moroni. The book is seen as a testament to Jesus Christ’s gospel.Despite its religious themes, the Book of Mormon has been popular with people of all faiths and backgrounds. The Broadway musical based on the book has been a huge success, and it continues to be one of the most popular shows in the world.

5. The Tanakh

As one of the world’s most read books, the Tanakh is influential in both religious and secular circles. Also known as the Hebrew Bible, this ancient text is made up of three parts: the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings. Each section contains a variety of texts that discuss everything from history to poetry to prophecy.The Tanakh is believed to be the work of many authors over a period of centuries, and its complex narratives have been studied and analyzed by scholars for centuries. Despite its age, the Tanakh remains one of the most widely read books in the world.

6. The Vedas

The Vedas are a collection of sacred Hindu texts that are thought to be the oldest and most authoritative scriptures in the religion. They were written in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, and are believed to date back to as early as 1500 BC.The Vedas are divided into four main parts: the Rigveda, the Samaveda, the Yajurveda, and the Atharvaveda. Each part is dedicated to a different aspect of life, such as religion, philosophy, or medicine.The Vedas are considered to be the most important texts in Hinduism and are widely read and studied by followers of the religion all over the world.

7. The Avesta

The Avesta is a collection of scriptures from the Zoroastrian religion, and due to its interesting history and complex writing style, it has been translated into more than 25 languages.

8. The Alchemist

The Alchemist is one of the world’s most read books, written by Paulo Coelho a Brazilian author. The book was first published in 1988 and since then has become an international bestseller. More than 65 million copies were sold.The book elaborates on the magical story of Santiago, it talks about an Andalusian shepherd boy who travels in search of a worldly treasure.The treasures Santiago finds along the way provide a profound lesson on the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read the indications displayed along the p[ath of life and also following our dreams.

9. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is another one of the world’s most read books that talks about the journey of Frodo Baggins and have sold 103 million copies in the last 50 years.the sales significantly increased after the world-famous movies were released in the early 2000s.

10. The Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse Tung

The quotations from chairman Mao Tse Tung which is also known as The Little Red Book is a very famous book and one of the most read. It is a compilation of statements by the former chairman of the Communist China Party.In the past 50 years, the book has sold more than 820 million copies. It is so popular that the Chinese village had its walls painted with words from the book during the Cultural Revolution and these paintings are still there

What Makes Them The World’s Most Read Books?

So, what makes these books the world’s most read? There are a few reasons, I think. First of all, the stories are compelling and well-written, drawing readers in from the very first page.Secondly, the books are available in multiple formats and translations, making them easy to access no matter where you live. And lastly, the authors are some of the most famous and well-loved writers of all time, making readers feel like they’re a part of an exclusive club.

Is It Worthwhile To Read The World’s Most Read Books?

So, are the world’s most read books really worth reading? In most cases, I would say yes. While there are a few exceptions, the majority of books that top the charts are well-written, thought-provoking, and enjoyable.That said, there are a few duds out there that have managed to rack up a lot of readers. If you’re looking for a good recommendation, I would suggest skipping the Twilight series and The Da Vinci Code and picking up something like The Catcher in the Rye or 1984 instead. 


Here you have it, the world’s most read books.It’s interesting to see how different books resonate with different people in different parts of the world.A good book will change your life. You may laugh and cry every few minutes. A book may lead you to make new decisions in your life.It may lead you to see the world in a different way. These world’s most read books are just a few places to begin your journey through books.

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