YK Osiris Net Worth, Career, Achievements & Personal Life

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YK Osiris Net Worth

Popular Name:YK Osiris
Real Name:Osiris Williams
Birth Date:7 September 1998
Birth Place:Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Marital Status:Single
Profession:Rapper, Singer
Years active:2017 Till Date
Net Worth:$1 Million
Last Updated:2022


Osiris Williams is a rapper and R&B singer based in Florida, United States. Known by the moniker YK Osiris, he rose to prominence at a young age.

To date, he has released only a few songs and released just an album. Despite this, his popularity as a singer and rap artist is commendable.

Among all that he has released to date, the song ”Valentine” is of special relevance. It was an instant hit and has amassed millions of “views” on the rapper’s ‘YouTube channel.

It was this same song that brought him a prestigious contract with the record label ‘Def Jam.

YK Osiris net worth is the result of his success in the music industry. He is known for his unique style of composing songs. He fuses contemporary rap with old-school music and produces soulful music.

The Florida-born is known for his songs of love and heartbreak, a pattern of music that is completely different from the new-age rap genre.

YK Osiris’ Early Life

Williams was born in Jacksonville Florida, on 7 September 1998. He has six sisters and a brother.

Osiris showed a keen interest in music while growing up, and eventually started learning it. He developed a liking for rap music, pop, old-school soul, and classic R&B.

Soon, he realized his passion for music and decided to try it as a career. Artists like Bruno Mars, the vocal group “The Temptations”, and pop legend Michael Jackson are his sources of inspiration.

YK Osiris’ Career

Osiris started making his own songs at a young age. After struggling initially for a few years, he released his first track in 2017. Under the name “Osiris Williams”, he released his debut single “Fake Love”.

In September of the same year, he created his YouTube channel and named it “YK Osiris”, which he has now adopted as his stage name. Since then, he has released all his music projects under this stage name.

The year 2018 was a busy one for the rapper as he stepped in with more career efforts. He released the single “I’m Next”, and it was an instant hit that also pushed him to prominence.

A few months after this hit, he dropped his third single, “Valentine”, and it was a major move in his career. The track’s music video was made available on YK’s YouTube channel which has now earned over 35 million “views”, the highest on his channel.

Soon afterward, he featured rapper and songwriter Lil Uzi Vert in a remixed version of the song. After the huge success of his track “Valentine”, Osiris became known as “Mr. Valentine”. He also began getting offers from different record labels.

Osiris says the song was inspired by his own love life. He had just split with his then-girlfriend, and the break-up had a major impact on him.

Incidentally, at about the same time, he was asked over to the studio to record his next single. When his producer made him listen to a beat, Osiris liked it and composed ‘Valentine’ almost instantly.

For his next single, Osiris collaborated with American record label Def Jam, and released “Timing”. The song’s video has been viewed over 10 million times since it was uploaded on YouTube in July 2018. He released another track, “Run It Up”, and has released just one album so far.

The American rapper also has his own personal website where his songs are made available for streaming and downloading.

He is also very active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where he has millions of people following him.

YK Osiris’ Songs

Osiris has released only a few songs since his entry in 2017. In 2019, he released his debut album, “The Golden Child”, which has remained his only released album to date. His songs include:

  • Valentine
  • Timing
  • 4 & a Baby (with Lennox Cartel)
  • Run It Up
  • Ride 4 Me (with Big40)
  • Worth It
  • Freaky Dancer (featuring DaBaby)
  • Shakira
  • Ride (featuring Kehlani)

Personal Life

It is usually interesting to discuss the personal life and relationship details of rappers. Regarding Osiris’ marital status, he is young at the moment, and not yet married.

In 2019 there were rumors that he was in a relationship with music artist DreamDoll as the duo was seen getting comfortable with each other in several videos and also going out on dates.

Besides this, no verified information about their dating life exists.

After the song “Secret” was released in 2019, “Mr. Valentine” was rumored to be dating American singer Ann Marie. But nothing has been confirmed regarding the rumors.

Since he suffered heartbreak in 2018, Osiris has been paying full attention to his career. Merely looking at him, one would see that he is enjoying a happy life with his young son without any disturbances.

Age & Physical Features

YK Osiris is a popular personality in the world of rap music. His personality with a glowing face has helped him to secure the attention of all the viewers.

He is a handsome 21-year-old with short black hair. With the dark brown eye color, he has a balanced body weight of 66kg and stands at a height of 176cm. He has several tattoos on his slim-built body.

YK Osiris Net Worth

As a famous rapper, YK Osiris net worth has been acquired through his success in the music industry. He is known for his unique style of composing songs. He fuses contemporary rap with old-school music and produces soulful music.

While his exact salary and earnings are yet to be revealed, there is absolutely no doubt in the minds of his followers that his present work pays him a good amount of money.

Houses, Cars, Lifestyle

Osiris Williams lives in a medium-cost house in Florida where he was born. Although he has been spotted with several cars including a Mercedes Benz and Toyota, the worth of his properties has not been revealed.

YK Osiris net worth is $1 million, all earned from his profession as a rap artist and R&B vocalist. He made all of his wealth by himself and certainly deserves the lifestyle he’s living now.

The singer is yet to bag any endorsement deals, but he looks satisfied with what he has achieved in his career so far.

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