Zach King Biography & Net Worth

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Zach King Biography & Net Worth

Zach King Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Zach King
Real Name: Zach King
Birth Date: February 4, 1990
Birth Place:
 Portland, Oregon, United States
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Rachel Holm (m.2014)
Children: 2
Profession: Actor, Filmmaker, Internet Celebrity
Years active: N/A
Net Worth: $5 Million
Last Updated: 2021


American internet personality Zach King was born and brought up in Portland, Oregon. He is also a film producer and illusionist and is currently based in Los Angeles, California, in the USA.

Zack is best known for his “magic vines”, which are short, six-second video clips digitally edited to look like he is doing magic. He calls his video clips “digital sleight of hand”. It was in 2008 that he started his business of making and posting videos on YouTube. By 2013, he had opened a vine account and was sharing his videos on the defunct video sharing platform as well. In 2016, he posted his first content on TikTok, and since then, he has gone ahead to record more than 45 million followers on the platform, earning recognition as the third most-followed person on the platform. After winning the Hewlett-Packard commercial contest and getting a trip to the red carpet at the London Film Festival in 2010, Zack won YouTube’s NextUp Creators contest in 2013 and has since added several more accolades to his awards cabinet since that time. He and his wife, actress Rachel Holm, contested in the 28th season of the American reality game TV show ‘The Amazing Race’ in 2015 and were eliminated during the 9th leg of the race being placed 6th in the overall standings. He has also featured in a couple of films and has also been hailed as one of the purest talents in entertainment.

Zach King’s Early Life & Education

Zach King was born on February 4, 1990. He is of one-quarter Nicaraguan and one-quarter Austrian descent from his maternal side, and half Chinese descent from his paternal side.

At age 7, King made his first film using a home video camera. When he was fourteen, he saved up some money and bought video equipment including cameras, a tripod, and a Mac computer, and started creating and editing videos.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Biola University from which he graduated in December 2012 with a Cinema and Media Arts Major.

Zach King

Professional Life, Rise to Stardom

Zach was just a boy when he realized how much he loved filming and making things with a camera and computer. He was seven years old when he made his first video. He had two younger sisters who he used to film and was always mad at, so they didn’t quite like him. After receiving his first computer at age fourteen, Zach began making more videos and eventually opened a YouTube account in 2008.

During his time in college, he met VFX Bro as a fellow student who even lived in the same dormitory with him and their friendship started into something so grand, that in a couple of weeks of their collaboration, their videos had a million views.

He started his own channel with the intention of providing free training for filming, but it eventually ended up bringing him money, unexpectedly, through the ads that YouTube placed in his videos. Using the money he was making, Zach started organizing seminars and training for upcoming content creators, and was also able to pay for his studies with some of his earnings. One of his most-viewed YouTube clips is ‘Jedi Kittens’ that was followed by the sequels ‘Jedi Kittens Strike Back’ and ‘Jedi Kittens with Force’.  The series of videos have collectively amassed over 45 million views.

He joined the now-defunct Vine in 2013 and began uploading unique and artistic videos. He created vines almost every day and began making a huge income. Furthermore, he appeared on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and recorded numerous vines with the crew on the show. Crediting his talent, Zach was offered work in several movies such as ‘The Last Word’ and ‘Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark’ in 2013 and in 2014 respectively. In 2016, he voiced the character ‘Muzzled Wolf’ in the Disney animation ‘Zootopia.’

Personal Life & Family

Cool and composed, Mr. King is a tireless worker. His hard work and several days of sleepless nights pertaining to his projects reflect in the worth of his contents. He maintains a relaxed and simple demeanor, and he is extremely rooted. A loving family man, he makes sure to spend enough time with his wife and parents. He is a visionary; as a child, he dreamed of becoming a film producer and has strived to reach the point he is today. Zach is also equally a determined man. When he didn’t gain admission into the film program of Biola University, he got into music and began attending filmmaking classes. At the end of his final year, Zach altered his major and graduated from the University with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts.

You’ll catch Zach spending time with his family when he’s not filming. He is currently living in Los Angeles with his wife and their two children. He has been married to his beautiful wife Rachel Holm since 2014 and everything seems to be going on perfectly between them. The couple has two sons, a biological son Liam, and an adopted son Mason.

Zach King With his Wife and their Sons

Zach loves pets, especially fishes and dogs. Apart from that, he is also a trained pianist. He learned to play the piano by training for 3 hours a day when he was a child. His mother also taught him to cook.

Awards & Achievements

King has a huge assortment of accolades and accolades in his collection. In 2009, he finished first place at the London Film Festival. This honor was for an advertisement by the HP Company. In the same year, he earned a Critic’s Choice Award by winning a famous video contest known as the Tires Safety Scholars Teen Driver Contest, at Bridgestone.

In 2012, he received Vidcon Golden Poop Award. He won a Streamy Award for Best Vine Creation in 2014 and later won the NextUp Creators Contest sponsored by YouTube.  In addition, the talented content creator-cum-filmmaker has a Biola University Young Alumnus Award which he received in 2016. Among other smaller titles, Zack also achieved the status of ‘Vine of The Year’ for his creations and uploads on Vine in 2014.

Zach King Net Worth: Salary, Earnings, Assets & Endorsements

As per reports from various reputable online sources, is estimated that Zach King has a total net worth of $5 million. While his actual salary is still unknown, it has been established that most of his earnings come from the making and uploads of his content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He gets money from adverts and also from endorsing several brands and products.

Talented, creative, and now very successful, Zack King has a luxurious house in Los Angeles. His garage is occupied with several exotic cars like BMW, Toyota, and Mercedes. He has achieved everything with his own intelligence, creativity, and hard work, and is now a millionaire at the young age of 31.

King’s success story is enthusiastic about every young person who has the dream to create his own signature. It can be said that in the nearest future, King will make more brilliant milestones on the path of his success. There’s no turning back for him now.

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