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Zari hassan biography

Zari Hassan is fondly known by her friends as Zara the Boss Lady. She is a Ugandan Socialite and currently resides in Johannesburg. She is also a musician and businesswoman. She currently owns and runs a wide range of student hostels, schools, and businesses. She is an entrepreneur with a wide range of establishments including her cosmetic business. She, however, has also continued to pursue her music career. This article covers Zari Hassan biography and other interesting facts.

Zari Hassan Biography

Zari was born and bred in Jinja. Here, she attended one of the local primary schools before moving to Jinja Girls High School. After this, she left Uganda for London where she studied at one of the prestigious beauty schools. She earned a degree in Cosmetology.

Zari began singing at a very young age. While in primary school, she featured in many concerts and community competitions. When she moved on to secondary school, she was heavily involved in the drama, dance and music groups in her school.  In 2007, she moved upstage and released her first hit single titled “Oliwange (You are mine)”. This music was received far and wide and won for her a nomination for the Africa Channel O Awards.

Zari Hassan Age

Zari was born in 1978 precisely on the 23rd of September. As of 2019, she is 40 years old.

Zara Hassan Family

Her heritage is a bit complex. Her maternal grandmother is Ugandan while her maternal grandfather is Indian. On her paternal side, her grandparents are both from Burundi.

Her parents are Nasur Hassan and Halima Hassan. However, she lost her mother, Halima Hassan in 2017 due to heart failure. She has two sisters, her older sister, Zara Hassan and her baby sister, Zuhela Hassan.

Zari Hassan Husband

Zari Hassan has married twice. She was first married to the Late Semwanga. According to Zara, she ended her marriage of her late husband after 12 years (in 2013) due to the fact that he was abusive.

In 2014, she started a romantic affair with Diamond Platinumz who is about 9 years younger than her. Together they had two children. But their marriage ended in 2016 when family members forced the singer to perform a DNA test on one of their kids to prove that Tiffah is her biological daughter.

However, Ivan Semwanga died in 2017 and his death has caused Zari to move back to South Africa to manage his estates and businesses.

Zari Hassan Children

Zara has five adorable kids. From her first marriage, she had three children namely, Diddy, Quincy, and Pinto. Her marriage with Diamond yielded two kids Nillian and Tiffah. She currently lives with all her children in South Africa.

Zari Hassan Net Worth

Zari Hassan is indeed a phenomenal woman. She is currently worth over $4.4 million according to the will of Ivan. She currently has over 50 percent of Ivan’s will while her children received about 30% of his properties. The remaining was willed to his friend.


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