Guide On How To Obtain Cyprus Student Visa From Nigeria

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Guide On How To Obtain Cyprus Student Visa From Nigeria

Let’s have an overview of your intended country; Cyprus is an Island Republic in the Mediterranean Sea, a member of the European and Schengen region. It is situated by the South of Turkey, Sicily and Sardinia on the Asian continent. This wonderful country has established quality higher learning educational system. One thing I won’t forget to mention is that it is very nice and serene for Nigerian International Students. For intending student you have to get a Cyprus Student Visa before you travel to study there.

How To Obtain Cyprus Student Visa From Nigeria

Here are some of the basic documents required to process Cyprus student visa

  1. Completed Cyprus student visa application form
  2. Letter of application addressed to the Cyprus Embassy in Nigeria
  3. Letter of acceptance from the institution in Cyprus
  4. Tuition fees payment receipt
  5. Valid International passport with at least one year validity beyond your intended stay duration, issued within the last ten years and a minimum of two blank passport pages
  6. Photocopy of the passport data page.
  7. duly signed bio data form; this form includes your personal details, purpose of travel and confirmation number
  8. four current color passport photograph of 2 X2 inches on white background, endorsed at the back
  9. Travel itinerary
  10. Payment evidence for your tuition fee.
  11. Proof of English proficiency.
  12. Letter of explanation; stating the reasons and duration of your travel.
  13. Visa application fee payment receipt
  14. An affidavit showing that you will be law abiding during your stay in Ireland.
  15. Evidence of health’s insurance cover
  16. Evidence of travel insurance cover
  17. Nigeria Police clearance certificate
  18. Tax clearance certificate
  19. Certificate of eligibility
  20. Proof of accommodation in Ireland or letter from the school stating that they will provide you with accommodation.
  21. Original Medical certificates covering HIV test, Hepatitis B &C, Tuberculosis, Yellow fever, and Tuberculosis of not more than three months.
  22. Proof of no criminal record or pending legal issues
  23. Your academic documents like transcript, diplomas, degrees, or any other certificate you acquired from your school
  24. Statement of your bank account duly signed by the Bank Authority
  25. Proof of onward travel; showing that you can afford the cost of your leaving the country once your program elapse.
  26. Proof that you will be happy to return back to Nigeria after your study period

Applicants under 18 years will be required to come along with both the original and photocopy of birth certificate. Also needed is a letter of consent from parents.

Visa Application Method For Cyprus Student Visa

Having equipped yourself with the basic requirements, you are now good to go for the visa application.

  • download your Cyprus Student Visa application form online via
  • Fill the form carefully with correct information. Don’t leave any question unattended to.
  • Arrange all the required documents and passports photograph with the application form.
  • Pay a visa application processing fee
  • Submit to the Cyprus Embassy in Abuja
  • It will be accessed by the Embassy officer in Abuja.
  • After which the application will be forwarded to the Civil Archive and Migration Department for final visa approval consideration.
  • Within a month of visa application, it may be approved
  • Once the visa is obtained, a copy will be sent to the school.
  • Next you are on your way to Cyprus
  • Immediately on arrival at Cyprus ensure to report on the first working day of your arrival to the educational institution in order to register and proceed with the rest formalities needed for the issue of a temporary residence permit
  • You are also advised to register with the district police Alien Branch within seven days of arrival.
  • Next, you will get a response for your visa interview
  • Attend the visa interview as appointed
  • Once you pass the visa application interview, the final stage will be issuing of the temporary residence permit which you shall be contacted upon.



The Cyprus Embassy Officer may use his discretion to ask for additional documents or information. You may also be denied a Cyprus student visa even if all your documents are complete without getting a refund of the visa fee.

Address of Cyprus embassy in Nigeria

Abuja Capital Motors,

Leventis Close,

Central Business District,




AG Leventis Nigeria,

Iddo House,



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